Strive Enhanced Income Short Maturity ETF

Fund objective
The Strive Enhanced Income Short Maturity ETF (BUXX) seeks to provide current income while aiming to minimize price volatility and maintain portfolio liquidity.

Fund description
BUXX offers exposure to short-term investment grade assets in structured credit and investment grade corporate sectors to provide durable enhanced yield and outperformance over a full market cycle. Strive aims to unlock value through an unwavering commitment to shareholder capitalism with sector allocation and security selection solely based on credit risk and asset price. We do not consider non-pecuniary factors in investment analysis decisions.

Fund Data & Pricing
Net Assets as of 07/12/2024 $111.81m
NAV $20.29
Shares Outstanding 5,510,000
Premium/discount Percentage 0.04%
Closing Price $20.30
Median 30 Day Spread 0.05%

Data as of 07/12/2024

Median 30 Day Spread is a calculation of Fund's median bid-ask spread, expressed as a percentage rounded to the nearest hundredth, computed by: identifying the Fund's national best bid and national best offer as of the end of each 10 second interval during each trading day of the last 30 calendar days; dividing the difference between each such bid and offer by the midpoint of the national best bid and national best offer; and identifying the median of those values.

The Fund expects to declare and to distribute its net investment income, if any, to shareholders as dividends on a monthly basis. The amount of any distribution will vary, and there is no guarantee a Fund will pay either an income dividend or a capital gains distribution

Fund Information
Inception Date 08/10/2023
Primary Exchange NYSE
Ticker BUXX
CUSIP 02072L 441
Expense Ratio 0.25%
30 Day SEC Yield* 5.69%
Yield to Worst 5.74%
Effective Duration 0.80

* As of 6/30/2024

Yield to Worst is a measure of the lowest possible yield that can be received on a bond that fully operates within the terms of its contract without defaulting.

30 Day SEC Yield The yield is calculated with a standardized formula and represents net investment income earned by a fund over a 30-day period, expressed as an annual percentage rate based on the fund's share price. The yield includes the effect of any fee waivers and/or reimbursements. Without waivers, yields would be reduced. This is also referred to as the "standardized yield", “30-Day Yield” and “Current Yield”.

Effective Duration Measures a portfolio’s sensitivity to changes in interest rates. Generally, the longer the effective duration, the greater the price change relative to interest rate movements.

Performance Quarter end returns as of 06/30/2024
  AVG. Annualized  
Quarter 1 Year 3 Year Since Inception
Fund NAV 1.50% - - 5.88%
Market Price 1.54% - - 5.98%
Benchmark Index 1.32% - - 4.86%

Expense ratio: 0.25%

Inception Date:  08/10/2023

The performance data quoted represents past performance. Past performance does not guarantee future results. The investment return and principal value of an investment will fluctuate so that an investor's shares, when sold or redeemed, may be worth more or less than their original cost and current performance may be lower or higher than the performance quoted. Performance current to the most recent month-end can be obtained by calling 855-427-7360. Short term performance, in particular, is not a good indication of the fund's future performance, and an investment should not be made based solely on returns.

Market Price: The current price at which shares are bought and sold. Market returns are based upon the last trade price.

NAV: The dollar value of a single share, based on the value of the underlying assets of the fund minus its liabilities, divided by the number of shares outstanding. Calculated at the end of each business day.

Distribution Detail
Ex-Date Record Date Income Payable Date
06/27/2024 06/27/2024 0.08635901 06/28/2024
05/30/2024 05/30/2024 0.11236610 05/31/2024
04/26/2024 04/29/2024 0.09089082 04/30/2024
03/26/2024 03/27/2024 0.09337145 03/28/2024
02/27/2024 02/28/2024 0.09029001 02/29/2024
01/29/2024 01/30/2024 0.07286787 01/31/2024
12/20/2023 12/21/2023 0.12035180 12/22/2023
11/28/2023 11/29/2023 0.09068775 11/30/2023
10/27/2023 10/30/2023 0.06784377 10/31/2023
09/27/2023 09/28/2023 0.10956740 09/29/2023
% Of Net Assets Name Ticker CUSIP Shares Held Market Value
3.99% First American Government Obligations Fund 12/01/2 FGXXX 31846V336 4,391,142 4,391,141.87
2.18% Freddie Mac Multifamily Structured Pass Through Ce 3137BQYS0 3137BQYS0 2,500,000 2,401,780.00
1.87% US 2YR NOTE (CBT) Sep24 TUU4 Comdty TUU4 COMDTY 10 2,051,640.62
1.82% United States Treasury Bill 08/22/2024 912797KC0 912797KC0 2,000,000 2,000,000.00
1.79% Freddie Mac Multifamily Structured Pass Through Ce 3137BLAC2 3137BLAC2 2,000,000 1,967,844.00
1.43% Freddie Mac Multifamily Structured Pass Through Ce 3137BKRJ1 3137BKRJ1 1,592,539 1,568,039.20
1.42% Freddie Mac STACR REMIC Trust 2024-DNA1 6.6854% 02 35564NAX1 35564NAX1 1,555,828 1,563,614.72
1.26% Gallatin CLO VIII 2017-1 Ltd 6.6802% 07/15/2031 36361UAL4 36361UAL4 1,382,189 1,384,456.21
1.21% American Credit Acceptance Receivables Trust 2022- 02529XAD7 02529XAD7 1,300,000 1,331,258.50
1.19% Pagaya AI Debt Trust 2024-3 6.571% 10/15/2031 69547XAB8 69547XAB8 1,300,000 1,310,033.40

Data as of 07/15/2024. Holdings are subject to change.